The Western Front

The campus newspaper for Western Washington University.

No student publication staff works harder or under greater time constraints than The Western Front. The newspaper is completely student written, edited and designed, with the exception of an advertisement manager and advising professor. It circulates twice a week on campus and throughout Bellingham, Wash. The staff also maintains online content that is updated daily.

During winter 2011 I served as a reporter for The Western Front. My work was featured in every print issue. I helped maintain the online news blog and took photographs for multiple stories that were featured both in print and online.

The following spring, I was hired on as a news editor for the paper. I sought out, assigned and edited stories. Likewise, another news editor and I were responsible for designing the news section of the paper, including front page. We worked closely with reporters to ensure accurate and well-written news articles. I continued to help maintain the online news blog and participated in budget meetings twice a week.

Western student leaves Egypt amidst protests

Classified unions negotiate pay with Western

Students lobby for attainable education

Egypt celebrates as Mubarak exits

Students respond to new Western logo




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